Award Ceremonies

I am used to watching the Oscars.  Ever since I was a boy I would see Leonardo DiCaprio wear a tuxedo and walk into the award ceremony with an expression of placid acceptance on his face.  That is the general impression I get from watching these people in receiving their adulation.  They accept that they receive the recognition, because not accepting it may demonstrate an even greater sense of self-aggrandizing.  Some awards we reject, like the Nobel Peace Prize, on account of the history of the award.  If the award has a sour history, you may be led to reject receiving it.  The oscars doesn't seem to leave the same sour taste in nominees mouths, with the notable exception of Marlon Brando, who once used his speech as an opportunity to raise awareness of Native American issues.  The successes of Hollywood becoming a spectacle for the non-cinema set emanates from what I believe to be a few draws.  Firstly, people who star in the movies are attractive, and that magnetism alone is what brings people to watch them do anything that they do.  Secondly, movies hold an occult power, so that when we watch the Oscars we are reminded of it (I dare say this could be expanded on further, but it would be a digression for the post).  Finally, there is drama in the academy awards.  Faces of disappointment, faces of elation, faces of surprise, faces of feigned surprise; we evaluate them all on the faces of the winners and losers in attendance.  The fact that they are beautiful faces an added bonus.